thema project homepage

Thema project homepage

This is the homepage of the thema project, a students research paper by Jakob Voß. Main part of the work is the theoretical description of conceptual systems (thesauri, classifications, semantic nets...). The practical part contains a XML data format called "thema" for different kinds of conceptual systems. The work is written in german and available at http

Download [5 MB] contains the DTD, all XSL files (including diml-xsl), and and a java program (Thema2html) to transform Thema to HTML (you have to put all the jar-files from directory diml-xls/lib/ on your classpath to run Thema2html).


Examples from chapter 3.3 are found in the examples-directory.

XML sourcegenerated HTML view
beispiel1.xml Beispiel 1 (Begriffe)
beispiel2.xml Beispiel 2 (Bezeichnungen)
beispiel3.xml Beispiel 3 (Einfache Relationen)

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